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Craft Cuisine- Bento Box by ShizukaDreams Craft Cuisine- Bento Box by ShizukaDreams
If you think this is a real bento, sorry to disappoint! (Although, the paper stars are very, what's the word, obvious? so you probably know this is fake ^^; ) Well, I made this bento out of different craft supplies, various materials throughout my house, and a burst of inspiration. :3

Not sure if this has ever been done before, but hey, I had tons of fun making/photographing/editing this so I don't really care. ^^

As always, pictures were taken with my Nikon, the lighting is the natural color of the lights in my room, and the decorations are courtesy of Photoshop Elements 4.

:bulletwhite: Rice with furikake and ume: Light yellow and white paper stars of various shapes for the rice. Small, dark green stars for the furikake (seaweed). A large, red paper star for the ume (pickled plum).

:bulletwhite: Scallops: Colored scallop shells borrowed from :iconnaturepix: . I'll return them ASAP, but the bento is just too cute for me to take apart ;n; (I know I have to though if I ever want to be able to eventually use this bento's powers for evil... sneaking out food from the dining hall at school! muahaha!... *cough* >_> nobody heard that...)

:bulletwhite: Vegetables: Carrots made out of orange clay (also borrowed from naturepix) and seaweed made by cutting long, thin strips of construction paper, crumpling them up, and un-crumpling them.

:bulletwhite: Bento Box: Bought for me by my grandma. It is green and decorated with a pattern of leaves, thus the theme for this deviation. The writing on the cover (and the matching bag, not pictured here) is as follows,

"Leaflet tight

It is so wonderful to be able
to maintain your dreams."
naturepix Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Nice! Looks' Real! Excellent Job!
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October 7, 2008
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